Random Quote #64
<Darky> man gross
<Darky> im tidying my shit up atm
<psikaar|gone> aha
<Darky> and all I can smell is stale dried up cum
<psikaar|gone> what did u find
<psikaar|gone> hahahah
<psikaar|gone> fucking animal
<Darky> reckon
<Darky> ist gonna make me puke I reckon
<psikaar|gone> is it yours
<Darky> hope so
<ding0way> hahaha
<ding0way> jesus darky
<psikaar|gone> hahahaha
<Darky> unless my dad sneaks in and jacks off when im at wrok
<ding0way> ur as bad as skwt
<ding0way> leaving cum tissues under ur bed
<Darky> haha who uses tissues
<Darky> that is far too civilised
<Darky> I use empty packets of chips
<Darky> empty biscuit trays
<Darky> anything I can pick up
<Darky> hell even envelopes that once containted my phone bill
<Darky> the ones with the plastic clear windows are best
<Darky> then your boys get window seats
<ding0way> hahahahahha
<ding0way> omg
<ding0way> darky wtf