Random Quote #61
(merk) the funniest thing is you actually thing you matter rep
(rep```) im quite happy with my self
(rep```) healthy
(rep```) for a start
(rep```) got good prospects
(rep```) everythings falling in to place
(rep```) rather than apart
(merk) !addban rep``` not to be removed
mode: (ChanServ) sets mode (+b *!*@Reptile_.user.gamesurge)
This (*!*@Reptile_.user.gamesurge) ban affects: (rep```)
kick: (rep```) was kicked by (ChanServ) ((merk) not to be removed)
(merk) !addban rep*!*@* not to be removed
mode: (ChanServ) sets mode (+b rep*!*@*)

(rep```) hey merk i found a pic of u
(rep```) just wanna confirm
(rep```) http://s3.amazonaws.com/kym-assets/entries/icons/original/000/003/619/Untitled-1.jpg?1288903617
(rep```) raped u disease stricken retard
(rep```) fat, no life, no happiness
(rep```) ill human