Random Quote #50
(23:13:18) (avail) hmm
(23:13:26) (avail) if povohat wasn't gay.. he'd be a good player
(23:14:15) (oxide) heard ur bad
(23:14:55) (avail) im all for gay marriage but you know..
(23:15:13) (avail) pvh thinks he's the man
(23:15:25) (avail) but i don't play tf2
(23:15:49) (avail) so like i care what you think
(23:16:16) (avail) that reminds me .
(23:16:56) part: (avail) (~avail@avail.quake3arena.gamesurge) (povohat is homo and so is oxide , both tf2 nooblets 4 life)
(23:19:17) join: (avail) (~avail@avail.quake3arena.gamesurge)
(23:19:24) (avail) so whos says im bad ? :P
(23:19:44) (oxide) ;o
(23:19:53) (avail) :o
(23:20:08) (avail) its ok , i wont rat you out
(23:20:34) (avail) ;)
(23:20:43) (avail) povohat: make love to me all night long
(23:20:55) (avail) povohat: aww yea baby , make a map called avail.bsp
(23:21:00) (avail) povohat: :)
(23:21:15) (avail) dw , just a personal thingo we got going on
(23:21:29) (avail) he bags me in server , i wait , bide my time, then strike in irc when he least expects it
(23:21:40) (avail) Muahaha.
(23:23:23) (avail) because.
(23:23:26) (avail) he would come in like
(23:23:31) (avail) a QWDM server
(23:23:34) (avail) and be unnamed ,
(23:23:41) (avail) and he would like , try to beat me
(23:23:44) (avail) saying his a noob
(23:23:57) (avail) then he would be like 6-0 up on me
(23:24:07) (avail) and i would come back to win the match 16-6
(23:24:14) (avail) then he cracks it :)
(23:24:38) (avail) nah but he was good at one stage
(23:24:41) (avail) and i dont play it anymore
(23:24:49) (avail) he's a true pioneer hero , povohat.
(23:25:08) (avail) povdmm4 is still loved by everyone world wide
(23:25:52) (avail) but fuck you povo
(23:25:55) (avail) get a new hat
(23:25:57) (avail) you bastard
(23:26:08) (avail) Im off to fuck my supermodel gf