Random Quote #49
(17:09:43) (avail) Ohh povohat the mad sick
(17:09:44) (avail) cunt
(17:09:54) (avail) that plays against nooblets on pub servers
(17:09:59) (avail) good one buddy
(17:10:01) (avail) you're how old now ?
(17:10:04) (avail) gget a fucking life
(17:10:07) (avail) you dumb shit
(17:10:09) (avail) make me sick
(17:12:20) (avail) oi povohat
(17:12:21) (avail) you faggot
(17:12:43) (avail) You were always shit , and will never be anything but a shit cunt.
(17:12:48) (avail) Get a life you old fuck .. omg.. srs
(17:12:55) (avail) come play me at quake anytime bitch
(17:12:56) (povohat) :)
(17:13:00) (avail) ill give you headstart